South Bellmore Veterinary Group: Periodontal Disease in Pet


Periodontal disease is the most common bacterial infection in pets. This is because many pet parents ignore the importance of providing proper oral care. Unfortunately, a periodontal disease not just affects the teeth and mouth of your pet; it is a progressive disease that can adversely impact the entire body compromising the health, well-being and longevity of your pet.


Here are some questions that can serve as a guide to early detect periodontal disease in your pet:


  1. Does your pet have bad breath? Foul odor when the mouth is open?
  2. Does your pet have swollen gums? Do they easily bleed?
  3. Are there any missing teeth in your pet?
  4. Does your pet have difficulty eating or chewing food?
  5. Does your pet losing weight? Is there a change in appetite?


If you answer yes to all the questions I provided for you, then your pet may already be suffering to periodontal disease. Prevent its progression by visiting your veterinarian now. Consult South Bellmore Veterinary Group in Long Island, we can help you with this type of dental disease.




Periodontal disease can be treated and reversed if caught early. Daily brushing of your pet’s teeth is the key to slow the progression of periodontal disease, make sure to use toothpaste designed for pets and not toothpaste product for humans. Along with this, routinely visit your vet for professional dental cleaning, they possess dental equipment that can effectively remove bacteria build-up in your pet’s mouth. Moreover, give your pet chew toys and consider buying pet foods formulated to help in the prevention of dental disease.


At South Bellmore Veterinary Group, we believe that the treatment and prevention of dental disease should be as equally important as vaccinations and annual check-up. Visit our animal practice now so our vets can examine your pet’s oral health. By working with you, we can provide your pet a long-term health and happiness in life.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group: Importance of Oral Care

Unlike you, your pet can't brush his teeth solely alone. As a pet parent, it is our responsibility to look after our pet's dental health because just like humans, they suffer from the same dental problems we have. South Bellmore Veterinary Group explains the key reasons why dental care is an important part of maintaining your pet’s good health.


Better breath


Do not assume that your pet is developing bad breath due to their age. This is not necessarily the case, the accumulation of bacteria inside the mouth can cause foul odors to emit from within your pet’s body. But, the most notable and alarming cause of bad breath is the development of an infection called periodontal disease, which is due to plaque build-up. Bad breath can indicate a large medical problem, so it is best to pay a visit with your vet for dental examination and cleaning to prevent any progressive disease.


Prevention of serious health threats


South Bellmore Veterinary Group constantly point out the importance of dental check-ups and regular brushing of your pet’s mouth to prevent the build-up of bacteria in the teeth and its surrounding structures. If proper oral care is ignored, bacterial infection develops in the mouth can cause a serious threat to your pet’s wellness. Dental disease can cause heart, liver, lungs and kidney damage if left untreated.


Tooth loss prevention


Poor oral hygiene and failing to bring your pet for dental examinations and cleaning can result in serious periodontal disease, leading to eventual tooth loss. This condition is often painful for your pet and can limit the types and amount of food they can eat.


Your pet’s happy and carefree life shouldn’t be bothered by dental concerns. Make it a habit to clean his teeth regularly and to bring him for dental examination and cleaning. South Bellmore Veterinary Group can help you in keeping your pet healthy and free from diseases and infections. Visit them now!